Category: Pullup Bar For A Doorway

Although any bar will probably do to allow someone to do pull ups, often the best bars are those which have been specifically designed for that purpose. Today there are pull up bars which have been specifically designed to be used in the home and these different types of bars include free-standing pull up bars as well as the more common doorway pull up bars and the wall mounted pull up bars. Being able to do exercises in their homes allows people more time to do them as they do not have to spend precious moments travelling to a local gym. It is perhaps the ability to do pull ups in the home which has made them as popular as they are but, they are also a very beneficial exercise as well as a convenient one. Another exercise which can be done in the home and is perhaps just as beneficial as pull ups are sit ups. Although both exercises are considered to be compound exercises, exercises which target more than just one muscle group like most other exercises, the pull ups target the upper body muscle groups whilst the sit ups target the lower body muscle groups. This means that the many people that just want to strengthen their bodies or make them look better need not even bother to sign up with a gym as these two exercises, which can both be done in the home, will be sufficient to meet their needs. These two exercises are considered so important to overall body building an health that most experts and professionals recommend them to be part of any exercise regime regardless of its ultimate goals. Looking good is something which would all like to achieve but often those people that appear to have almost perfect V shaped upper bodies, merely used pull ups to achieve it. It is however more often that a combination of the two exercises is under taken in order to allow the whole body to look good. Weight loss is a major concern for an increasing number of people today and exercise is often suggested in order to help slim down. Although these two specific exercises need not be included in a exercise regime recommended by dieticians, they usually include them anyway as they will increase the body’s heart rate, assisting someone to complete the other exercises which do specifically target weight loss. Although when doing pull ups people use different hand grips on the bar, the different ways in which they grip it can make a difference in which upper body muscles groups are targeted most. If someone were to grip the bar with their hands well apart, they may be targeting on specific muscle group which is different from the muscle group targeted by those who hold their hands together whilst gripping the bar. Then there are what some people call chin ups but which are actually still pull ups but with the grip on the bar by the hands being reversed.

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