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There are literally millions of people that suffer from one sort of pain or another every single day and in order to relieve their pain, there are hundreds of different things they take, ranging from local herbs to expensive pharmaceutical products, most of which work to varying degrees. Unfortunately though, often the ones which work the best are the more expensive drugs, often restricting many from using them but today there is a relatively new pain relief remedy which is both effective and yet is not overly expensive and so will probably be within most people’s budgets. This relatively new pain relief remedy is from American CBD and is CBD Muscle Cream. Obviously, as its name suggests, this product has been specifically designed for relief of muscle pain but the company also makes other products which can help with other problems. As its name also suggests, the main active ingredient in this muscle pain reliever is CBD, an ingredient found in cannabinoids in the hemp plant.
Of course, immediately anyone mentions hemp, people’s minds go straight to thoughts of cannabis and marijuana as those are the more commonly used names for hemp but CBD has nothing to do with the ‘high’ marijuana provides. THC which is also found in some cannabinoids in hemp are responsible for the highs people get when smoking marijuana but no THC is in any of the CBD products and so they can be taken without the risk of any adverse side effects. CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are b therefore both found in hemp cannabinoids but unlike in the past, scientists can now differentiate between the cannabinoids which contain CBD and those that contain THC, ensuring any health benefits received from the hemp plant are free from THC and its adverse health effects. Hemp is thought to have first been used for beneficial health purposes by the Ancient Egyptians about 4000 years ago and is also thought that most civilizations ever since have also used hemp for medicinal purposes. Up until now though, any use of hemp for medical purposes has always been associated with side effects from the THC content. Now that the different cannabinoids can be identified, scientists have taken their research one step further by producing hemp strains which have very little THC content and an increased CBD content and it is hoped that eventually, they will create a strain which contains no trace of THC. This means that now and hopefully even more so in the future, strains of hemp can be grown which offer no adverse effects when used for medical purposes. If hemp is grown worldwide for its beneficial health properties, it may also contribute significantly in the battle against global warming as the pulp of the plant could replace paper for many products. Paper products are of course essential but if they were made from hemp, they would be made from a replaceable plant as hemp can grow in most places in only 6 months, compared to the many years it takes a tree to grow.

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